What is music therapy?

Music Therapy is one of the alternative form of therapeutic treatment, it is the planned and creative use of music to attain and maintain health, wellbeing. Individual of any age and ability may benefit from Music Therapy program, regardless of musical skill and background. Music Therapy may address physical, psychological, emotional, cognitive and social needs with therapeutic relationships. It focuses on meeting therapeutic aims, which distinguishes it from musical entertainment or musical education.

Music therapy is the therapeutic application of music with proper methodologies and procedure, by trained musictherapist, to restore, maintain or enahnce the cognitve, socio emotional and physical functioning of the normal/disabled persons of all ages.

Does Music therapy belong to India?

Yes. Music Therapy prevails in the universe from the dawn of the civilization, since our music is universal and have authenticity in this refined field, we can claim this from of seeking solace belongs to us. The only deficiency we have is, our forefathers do not possess the tendency or attitude to document anything which they are doing for the betterment of the society.

What happens when we are listening to music?

Scientifically, many things are happening in our body while we are listening the music, while we are participating in a live music session with body movements, the music which we are listening/participating many parts of the brain functions in a coordinated pattern and helps to enjoy the music, if we are well versed in music. The mind has the tendency to relate or to identify things in a known pattern, accordingly come to a result/conclusion through our expressed behavior. Rather if we let the music flow into us without getting into the nuances or intricacies of the particular piece which has been provided for the therapeutic purposes it does wonder with the patients/clients/participants. Since these informantion and other pertaining to brain are available only through brain injured patients, we must patiently wait to have conclusive evidence for many of the brain related research and claims.

Does music have healing effect?

Healing effect on individuals with music is a known fact. It has centuries of claim behind it. But the quality of exposure the music with its specifications and other procedures plays a very vital role in speaking about its healing aspect.

Why instrumental music?

When classical music with its notes being played through a string instrument the impact is complete. The specific notes being presented in the classical flair the impact will be good on the individuals. The music with its notes when essayed in classical format the frequency and the wavelength it emanates in the atmosphere and its impact enormous on the listeners. It helps in the quality of neuro transmitters secreted in brain and the behavior of the individual.

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