Music therapy

It is a new form of approach to help children and adults, who have problematic behaviors, to make effective adjustments toward social , emotional, mental and educational aspects, where brain plays a dominant role.Many of the imbalances in the so called normals may also be made set right by regular exposure to certain raagas with special empahasis on certain notes. Music Therapy acts on the human beings before being transformed into thought and feelings.

Music Therapy is of two modes of presentation. One is passive mode or passive form of music therapy which give importance to listening, the other one is active mode or active form of music therapy, which give importance to particpating. Passive form of MT may be beneficial to almost all forms of ailments. Active form of music therapy will be of immence help in neurological problems , like neurological aphasia,- receptive aphsia, expressive aphasia- in the segment of alternative medicines to help children to reduce speech problems- to enhance speech fluency, in hyperactive children to reduce hyper activity and so on. Passive form of music therapy more helpful in enhancing the concentration and memory, to reduce the stress and strain, to cope up with series of heart problems, like hypertension,in bringing down the blood pressure and normalize the patients.

The music which is being presented in the therapeutic sessions does the difference on patients.Classical Music is a direct experience before being transformed into thought and feelings. It acts as vibration, which does the wonder on patients.

The results are proven scientifically, many of my research papers are published. Music therapy is a complementary form of medicine, in few situations it functions as alternative medicine also.



Music Therapy: Music For Overcome Stress & Strain

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